The 15th Annual Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators (ACHEA) Conference

July 7-9, 2016 - Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort Runaway Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica

The Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators (ACHEA) will be hosting its 15th Annual ACHEA conference from July 7 -9, 2016.

Conference Theme: ‘Higher Education Vulnerabilities: A Caribbean Response’

The 15th Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators’ (ACHEA) will address current themes associated with issues of vulnerability and emerging threats to the sustainability of Regional Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). As such, the conference deliberations/discussions will center around the identification and development of appropriate mitigation strategies geared towards re-positioning HEIs to achieve greater levels of organizational efficiency, effectiveness and success through innovation, leadership and social partnerships.

The three-day conference will provide an opportunity for multi-disciplinary exchanges and a platform for the presentation and sharing of cross-sectional perspectives from professionals, academics, and administrators in the field of Higher Education.

ACHEA invites papers which take into consideration the conference theme and address the following sub-themes:

  • Higher Education and the Development of Small Economies
  • Internationalization and Commercialization of Higher Education (HE)
  • Governance, Finance and Structural Adjustment Policy Implications
  • Strategic Public Private Partnerships in HE Institutions
  • E-Commerce and associated Risks in HE Institutions
  • Climate Change and Environmental Threats
  • Globalization, Gender, and Multicultural Diversity
  • Facilities, Security and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Emerging Technologies and Innovations in HE
  • Health, Wellness and associated Risks in HE Institutions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Work-Integrated Education for the 21st century workforce
  • Student Services and Support
  • Leadership Development and HR Practices
  • Engaging Higher Education in Social Change

Selection Process 
Submissions will be reviewed by a panel consisting of higher education professionals and members of the ACHEA Executive.

Submission Details 
Proposals for papers should include the following:

  • Presentation Title
  • Presenter’s Name(s) and Affiliation
  • Sub-theme
  • Abstracts which provide as much information as possible in these areas:
    • Key issues to be addressed
    • Objective and scope of the presentation
    • Relevance of the presentation to the conference theme
    • Impact of the work and in particular, how can Caribbean HEIs gain from the research/presentation
    • Indicate type of research: survey, case study, historical analysis, theoretical exposition, exploratory paper
  • Language: English
  • Paper Length: At least 5 pages (excluding works cited/bibliography)
  • Spacing: 1.5 lines
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
  • Margins: 2.5
  • Word Citation style: APA

Proposals for Lightning Talks
There are slots for eight-10 minutes presentations. These brief sessions expose attendees to new ideas, discoveries, challenges and solutions in higher education. Submit:

  • An abstract of 300 words.

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Final Papers

Deadline Date for Submission of Abstracts: March 4, 2016
Notification of Acceptance of Abstract: March 31, 2016
Note: Full papers should be completed and submitted by: May 31, 2016
Submit Abstracts and Papers to:

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